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The demand for experienced Nurse at Home in Gurgaon has been on a constant rise. A family understands a need for medically acclaimed expert to look after their elders. Either due to age stroke or for after-treatment care, it is always better to hire a healthcare expert for them. This not only provides excellent care and faster healing for the atient, but ensures companionship in the absence of other family members. Curodoc is a young yet reliable source for hiring a trained and experienced nurse for at home services. The company provides you an offer of full time or part time nurses. The prior will stay at home and take care of your beloved 24x7, whereas the later will serve you for 12 hours. Rendering proper training and practical experience to the employees, the company has set high benchmarks for the services of Nurse at Home in Gurgaon. Avail these from Curodoc to attain complete satisfaction.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Nurse:

  • Timely tracking of blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, temperature, etc.
  • Particular schedule of medication, dressing, wound care, injections, etc.
  • Assistance in Urinal/ Bedpan, colostomy bag change and more.
  • Oral hygiene, bath/ sponge at bed, body care and clothing
  • Feeding nutritional rich diet and maintenance according to their needs
  • Assistance with transit through wheel chair, basic walking, exercising, etc.
  • Companionship for polite conversations or evening walks